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Free Cipart, Graphics and Images to Download

Well this is one of the larger sections on the site covering Clipart, Graphics, Photographs and other types of images whch can be useful in our craft work. Sometimes we will use them for inspiration, other times to add something to a piece to make it pecial. I often look at a lot of images from a certain period forfore making a certain type of design.

Example of a Public Domain ImageThe big problem with images on the internet is copyright. You should read very carefully any restrictions which anyone places on their work. As crafters we should be more aware than most how upsetting it can be for people to steal our designs. When in doubt we strongly suggest you don't use a design or contact the owner to clarrify what the usage rights are. 

Having said that there are a lot of images which are released into the "Public Domain" and are therefore deemed to be copyright free (if this is the case the copyright notice will say so) and there are sites which specialise in collecting an distributing these images.

We havetride very hard to "keep on top" of this section. Sites get updated, open or close often so if you do find any errors please do let us know.

(Remember Royalty Free DOES NOT mean the same as Copyright free or Public Domain).


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