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Title: Paint.NET
Category:Computer Software

This is an exceptional piece of software and fulfil the requirements of 95% of crafters.

Paint.netFirstly it is important to note that  Paint.NET is it's name not it's website address, although if you type it in you will find the owners their have knidly pointed people in the correct direction. Secondly you will need to know that this is a windows only programme so my apologies to the none windows users (If you are a Linux user I'm sure you are already aware of GIMP).

Now isn't the most powerful graphics software out there, it's probably not even the most powerful free graphics software BUT it is certainly powerful enough for most of us (and I talk as someone who spends half their week on a graphics programme) and it has the added benefit of not being over complicated. It certainly has advanced features such as the ability to work in layers but you don't need a degree in order to workout  how to use it. It's layed out in a way which will be familiar to most people who have used any type of graphics programme, from the ealiest ScreenshotWindows Paint up to Photoshop. The fill tool still looks like a paint pot and the clone stamp still looks like a stamp etc.

What makes this programme extra special is the "community" around it which have produced 100s of plugins to extend its range of special effects and other abilities. If you don't want to mess around installing lots of these just get a couple of the "packs" which are available, each with multiple plugins. That should be enough to keep you happy for a while (although there are plenty of effects  already included in the basic programme.

So both for producing your own images and for touching up photographs, this programme is highly recommended. It's free so why not download it and give it a go.

Meta Keywords:paint, graphics, software, free, plugins
Meta Description:A fantastic free graphics programme. Not too complicated, not too simple, just right! A great tool for all crafters.

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