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Safety When Downloading Free Software

Date Added: April 19, 2011 11:29:54 PM
Author: Free Craft Stuff
Category: Computer Software

Downloading Free Software: - Safety Tips

OK, so everyone ove something for nothing. Free software is great and there's lots out there. Unfortunately some of it isn't as good as it seems, in fact it could do your computer irriversable (or nearly) harm. It is wise to be cautious when downloading and installing free software otherwise you are going to end up with an unusable computer.


1. Is it really free?

A lot of Software is advertised as free when it really isn't so read the samll print, is it free (but only for 30 days), is it free but you have to install something else with it? OK software makers need to make money some how but a lot are stooping to low to do so.


2, What Else will it install.

Even well know software manufacturers will try and get you to install other software along with their own... they get paid if you do. Always be on the lookout for that little tick box which you must tick if you don't want the additions, other wise you will end up with countless browser bars etc. Less scrupulous people will try and install malware and viruses along side their software, even welknow software can be adapted to do this. So be careful where you download it from in the first place.


Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of fantastic free software out there. My own computer has Open Office, GIMP, Avast (free version), Inkscape, FileZilla, IrfanView, Google Earth and a lot more on it. I couldn't get by (or it would be alot more expensive to) without my free software. All I'm saying is you need to be careful. Stick to the welknow sites, listen to recommendations from friends and always assume the worse until you know better.




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