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Free Glass Painting Designs

Date Added: August 19, 2011 12:17:19 PM
Author: Free Craft Stuff
Category: Glass Painting and Other Glass Crafts

Free Colouring PAgeFree coloring pageMany people search all over the internet for free glass painting designs to download. Obviously there are sites where you can do this such as and but there is another source of designs which is not only cheep / free but almost endless. It just takes a little bit of lateral thinking to come up with childrens colouring patterns / books.

These book are very cheep to buy, or free to download off the internet. You will find bold designs, especially in those books aimed at younger children and they are normally split up into topics.

Not only can these free images be used in glass painting but many of them can also be used in stained glass work as well. OK, in both cases you may need to "revamp" the image slightly, lose the odd line here and gain one there, but the basics of many designs are there for the taking!


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