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Backing Paper Builder

Date Added: February 20, 2009 12:40:35 PM
Author: Bob1
Category: Paper Crafts
Well after a lot of hard work we have now launched our "Backing Paper Builder". This is an online system which allows you to make your own customised backing papers in 3 different sizes and 2 different orientations.

We have been really really pleased with the feed back we have had on it so far. Everyone who has used it seems to have found it very straight forward and simple, which is what we intended it to be like when we first set out building it. We will ofcourse develop this further over the coming months so more feed back would be welcome either here or in our forum

There is a tips page and a lot of information is being put in the forum.

At different times of the year will will be adding different backing templates (you can choose to use these or solid colours) to reflect upcoming celebrations. At the moment we have some easter ones on there.

We are also experimenting with different fonts, the latest additions were to sets of "Wing DIngs" so you can use differnt types of symbols instead of words. This can give some lovely effects.

In the end the best thing to do is go to the page and have a play around. You can save any results you are happy with to your own computer so you can use them again and again and again...

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