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Wedding Cake CraftsThis is our section cencentrating on Edible crafts. Things like cake decorating have always been remarkably popular in the UK where as other edible craft such as cup cakes and various chocolate  based crafts have only really taken off over the last few years (even though, in reality they have been around for a lot longer). This differes from other countires like America where cup cake crafts seem to have been around for a long time (if the old films are to be believed).

So this section will cover a wide range of craft including the cakes mentioned above plus Sugar Crafts, Candy (Sweat) Crafts and Childrens food crafts. This isn't meant to be a recipe section and whilst ingredients etc do play a part in Edible Crafts, we will be concentrating on the decoration side of things.

Anyone who has visited the The Sugarcraft, Cake Decorating & Baking Show at the NEC or similar exhibitions will know that this is a huge and growing area of craft and whilst this section is quite small at the moment we hope to add to it quite quickly. Please let us know of any site which you think should beadded.

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